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The law firm of Bradford & Coenen LLC has been serving clients in Nebraska and elsewhere since 1971.

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Our Areas of Practice include:

When you choose our firm, you don't just get a lawyer, but our entire legal team. From settling minor contract disputes to handling the most complex litigation, our firm can get you results. We strive to do everything in a cost-effective manner because spending all your money to protect your money is counterproductive.

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Our practice covers a wide range of areas, but the common thread is that our attorneys get quick results and ultimately obtain the very best out of every case. These types of results require not only intelligence, but hustle. At Bradford & Coenen our attorneys bring a high level of energy and determination to every deal and dispute—from the preliminary negotiation to the final settlement—we bring the same determination to win. This type of excellence isn't an act or state of being, but a habit. Our lawyers work hard to maintain our reputation. Therefore, excellence is our practice area.

Involved in the general practice of law, Bradford & Coenen LLC offers representation in a wide range of legal issues and trials in both State and Federal courts.

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